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Hate Crime

So, what is a Hate Incident or Hate Crime?

A crime or incident committed because of who you are or who someone thinks you are.

Quite simply, if because of your age, disability, sexuality, religion, ethnicity, gender (including gender identity) or lifestyle choice (e.g. Goth) someone or a group of people targets you, commit a crime against you, bullies you or harasses you, then this is a hate crime or hate incident.

This may include:

Support may include:

If you are in immediate danger call the Police by dialing 999 (non-emergencies 101)

Why is it so important to report a hate crime or hate incident?

Hate incidents and hate crimes are under-reported. We need to understand the problem so that the right decisions can be made to stop YOU or a member of YOUR family and friends from becoming the next victim.

Without knowing that these issues are taking place, we can’t stop them happening to you or someone else.

Reporting these issues helps us and other organisations track the extent of the problem in YOUR local area and do the right things to make YOUR community safer, a better place to live and make sure the right support is available. The right support means we can stop victims feeling isolated, depressed, frightened, distressed or even worse taking their own life.

We can also provide you with assistance in reporting a crime to the Police and in attending court, but there is no pressure to do this. Even if you do not need support yourself, it is still important for us to know what offences are taking place and where. 

Ring 0300 3030 159 to contact the Victim Help Centre directly. Calls are treated confidentially and you have the option to remain anonymous.