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Restorative justice offers victims an opportunity to be heard and to have a say in the resolution of offences, including agreeing rehabilitative or reparative activity for the offender.

It can provide a means of closure and enable the victim to move on.

Restorative justice also provides an opportunity for offenders to face the consequences of their actions, recognise the impact that it has had upon others and where possible make amends. In this way, restorative justice has the potential to help rehabilitate offenders and enable them to stop offending. It can involve victims: 

A restorative justice process can be delivered through:

Wherever possible, a face-to-face meeting should be the aim, but if the trained facilitator does not assess it as suitable then an alternative type of restorative justice activity can be considered. For example, indirect communication is possible. This can be via telephone or video conferencing, written correspondence or ‘shuttle restorative justice’ through the facilitator. This may lead to a face-to-face meeting at a later stage.

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