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Victim Personal Statement

Under the Victims’ Code of Practice, a victim is entitled to make a Victim Personal Statement (VPS)

Making a Victim Personal Statement gives you a voice in the criminal justice process. The VPS lets you explain in your own words how a crime has affected you physically, emotionally, financially or in any other way.

Making a VPS is your choice. You do not have to make one if you do not want to. If you choose to do one, it can be written or recorded if recording facilities are available.

If you choose not to make a statement when first offered the chance, don’t worry because you may do so later providing it is before the case comes to court.

Once you have completed and signed your statement it cannot be changed or withdrawn if you change your mind about what it says. You can however add a further statement to add additional information. If your case goes to court your VPS will be shown to the defence team and you may be questioned on it in open court. If you are questioned on it, please be mindful that details could be reported in the media.

The police will ask you whether you would like all or part of your VPS read out in court if the case goes to trial and the suspect is found guilty of the crime. However, it is the court who ultimately decides if your statement can be read out in court. If the court decides it can, it will be read out after the verdict is given but before the sentence is passed.

You can ask to read out your VPS yourself or ask somebody else to read it for you.

If you need support making a VPS please contact North Wales Victim Help Centre. We have fully trained staff who can make the necessary arrangements with North Wales Police on your behalf.

Please phone 0300 3030 159 to make your request or email northwaleshelpcentre@victimsupport.org.uk